Taurean man and libra woman compatibility

This habit comes form very early age but when older it becomes more intensive and he relates it with emotions. In the contrary, he is much eager of tender love than a few passionate moments with a stranger. Taurus is extremely loyal and expect that from the girl he loves.

He prefers traditional girls, with nice behavior and manners. There can be moments when he shows jealousy and it can be pretty awkward. Overall, even though he has pretty inflexible character and persona the truth is that this man has mild nature and he will do his best to have the girl he wants. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart. Simply, she will leave strong impression on the crowd wherever she is.

Her sophisticated looks and beautiful face, graceful walk and smile make a big in impression. She seduces people, sometimes unconsciously. The one thing that is always present in her personality is her sophistication. Libra woman attracts men without problem.

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She is very feminine and has all the features that a woman posses which is provided by ruler of this sign and that is Venus. She is a real socialite and many people love her because of her cheerful and charming personality. Also, her numerous talents make her a serious competition among women.

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Not only that she is beautiful , she is eloquent, charming and intelligent. There is a large number of admirers that she has. She likes to discuss everything and she can be the medium in any conflict situation. In that way she helps everybody around to make peace and live in harmony. She can show the greater picture of things and give you opinions from a different perspective and help you to see things in the right way.

Taurus Man Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

As for the relationships and love, she is loving person capable of deep feelings and emotions. If she has chosen a man, she did it with a good reason.

Taurus Man

She chooses her partners wisely. She is always in search of harmony and she will do everything to gain it.

She might look like she is superficial and flirty but in fact when she commits to somebody she is devoted to her partner and will do anything to please him. Once in a while, he must complement her and give her a nice gift just to give her approval that she is worth it. In return she will show him all the techniques of seducing and making love. Making love for her is a special kind of an art.

Making love with Libra is nothing but simple reproduction because she take it to another level… or maybe levels. That is nothing like a cheap thrill. She can take a man to another universe that she created and certainly he will remember this experience for a long time. Her elegant moves, seductive looks and curvy body will be hard to resist. This love will probably happen spontaneously than planed.

As Taurus needs time to make sure that the other side shares the same feelings, that might take time. Their interests basically meet but their outlooks and life style somewhat are different. Nonetheless, they can meet half way and work things out together. The Taurus man is willing to give her stability, love, and a solid home with him.

The two of them both care about humanity and nature. The Libra lady and the Taurus man are the couple you see hand in hand going on hikes, caring for many animals, and being out in nature as much as possible. Even though the Taurus man may not be as sociable, he does enjoy outings such as camping. The Libra lady will also truly love this type of environment for time together. These two can truly make one heck of a match if they can work out their differences. The differences could cause big problems but if they can be avoided or averted; they just may make the long haul.

The two can have a fairytale type of ending if they really work on it. Again, if the Libra woman can truly get to know her Taurus man; she can learn ways to get him excited about what she loves most. She can also get him to understand her better as well. Learning to communicate effectively can help the two to work through any issues they have that creep into their lives. This can be a very strong connection. When you read the Taurus Man Secrets ; it could help you truly unlock the potential that the two of you can have for the future.

My Taurus male and I Libra woman are very loving and sweet towards each other, everyday at school. We do ocassionally go into this kind of phase when we have problems or something bothered us; it could either be from:.


Taurus man and Libra woman

If it happens in the phase of courthship not yet officially dating , then yes he might just lose interest of you either from those lists i gave above. Or he might just caught you cheat or simply flirting with other guys behind us yes we are obssessive. But to know the precise reason, you need to ask him directly, since all Taurus are not exactly the same.

Sun, Moon and even Venus signs all come into the play to determine the personality. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Welcome to my blog about the Taurus man. On the surface The Libra woman is likely to capture the attention of the Taurus man with her sense of style or selection of cuisine.

Possible lasting connection? Once Taurus opens his heart up to the Libra woman; he may find a match worth keeping forever. We do ocassionally go into this kind of phase when we have problems or something bothered us; it could either be from: 1 You trying to be too clingy 2 Too controlling obsessive 3 Too demanding forcing us around against our will. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. May 14th, September 26th,