Scorpio synastry compatibility

The key to unlocking your sex drive? Your emotions. You love deeply; you hurt deeply. How you ask someone out: You prefer to let things unfold slowly, over time. You would rather take an indirect approach. In order to truly be intimate with someone, you have to let the drawbridge down — and that can take a while. You know that the mind-blowing passion is worth the wait. How you channel energy: By performing. With you, the challenge is asking what you really want, and where your motivations are really coming from. You can charm your way in and out of any fight or flirtation, but what will really serve you?

How you ask someone out: Do you want to ask them out, or do you want them to ask you out? You can go either way, and you can arrange the production so that it happens either way, too. And you know it.

Taurus Mars

Your cool, intellectual exterior belies your proclivity for strategy and predilection for kink. You know, better than most, that the devil is in the details, and you know how to play your cards close to your chest. How you channel energy: Planning. Wellness practices.

Here’s How To REALLY Find Out If You’re Compatible, Based On Your Astrology Birth Chart

And probably a not insignificant dose of organization and cleaning. How you ask someone out: Grand gestures?

Not your thing. You make your move thoughtfully and quietly — but powerfully. That small sigh, that quick brush against a thigh. Mars can have a tough time in Libra, which craves harmony and balance. You fight fair, and you take you time deliberating, in both fight and flirtation. How you channel energy: By keeping the peace. But you believe in establishing harmony in your life. Keeping a level head. Pleasing conversation.

Beautiful surroundings. Establishing balance. Or you arrange the situation in such a way so that they ask you out. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio — like Aries — is where Mars finds its height. But whereas Mars in Aries is the warrior on the front lines, a bit rash and impulsive if extraordinarily powerful and fearless , Mars in Scorpio is the spy. All strategy, all stealth. Mars in Scorpio will wait you out.

Out think you. Out play you.

Cancer & Scorpio: Love Compatibility

Outlast you. If wronged, you never forget. Productive, obsessive, possessive — you know how to get what you want. How you channel energy: You need to spread your wings. Like Gemini, your opposite sign, you require freedom and variety in romantic adventure.

The ancient art of synastry

How you ask someone out: Bluntly. I want you, do you want me? If so, great. If not, you go your way and I go mine.


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This is a very take no prisoners, no hard feelings placement. The celeb doppelganger couples are great examples of committed couples with this placement. When you decide you want something or someone , you are unyielding. Your biggest turn-on is success — your own as well as that of others. How you channel energy: Productively and obsessively. In earthy Capricorn, the sign that wants to build, Mars, the planet of action, is exalted. Like Mars in Scorpio, you have a tendency towards fixation and workaholism, and you require partners and playmates who understand this side of you.

How you ask someone out: Directly.

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You have approximately zero time for bullshit. Think Professor X. That fight with your partner they just now saw coming? You had it in your head ten minutes ago. How you ask someone out: You are an expert at playing it cool, at asking folks out without seeming too emotionally invested.

But why are you so detached, babe?

What do you have to lose by showing your hand every once in a while? Every evening and morning presents the opportunity to learn something new. The ultimate romantic. How you channel energy: Through touch, through just being. Cultivating boundaries and learning to articulate what you need will help. How you ask someone out: With a glance. With touch.

Scorpio Compatibility in Love

With energy. You know how to project yourself across a room. To get the most accurate chart, you need your exact time of birth in addition to your date and place of birth; however, you can still do a chart without a time of birth. Go forth and learn! The water person will give them the water they lack. Sun in Synastry Chart Overlays The magic of the sun in synastry chart overlays lies in its enormous power to give. Click to read article.

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